ByChrystal Johnson

Sep 25, 2015
R. Riverter Upcycled Handbags

No matter how much people may disagree on war and politics, one thing most people can agree on is that our military deserves our support, respect and appreciation. They make sacrifices to protect the rest of us. However, too often we forget the role their spouses play.

During a deployment or long training mission, the military spouse is the one home taking care of the family and running the household. They often need to earn an income to supplement the family’s income, but it can be difficult to secure steady employment when the average military family is relocated every 2.9 years.

R. Riveter Upcycled HandbagsLisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse wanted to solve the need to have flexible and mobile employment for military spouses that want or need to work. That’s why they launched R. Riveter, a handbag company, in 2011. R. Riveter allows military spouses to run their own business out of their home, wherever that may be.

This unique company seeks to inspire patriotism and pride in each of its customers’ hearts. The parts that make up the purses are sourced from all over the country. They upcycle old military items like wool blankets, duffle bags and shelter halves then combine them with real, hand dyed and stamped leather to make every R. Riveter handbag.

All of the unique handbags offered by R. Riveter are handmade by a military spouse through every step of the process. From dying the leather and canvas to hand stamping the leather to assembling the bag, you can be assured of receiving a top quality bag handcrafted by a military spouse.

The lining of each bag is handcrafted as well. On the inside of each bag, you’ll find a tab that displays the name of the individual bag, its maker’s number, where it was made and when it was made. In addition, all of the handbags are named after famous military spouses to further honor the contribution they make.

If you want a simple and special way to honor our military, purchase your next handbag from R. Riveter. Let’s honor the unsung heroes of the military – the military spouses.

Which R. Riveter handbag is your favorite style?

Imagery courtesy of R. Riveter

By Chrystal Johnson

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