Oct 27, 2017

Although it’s impossible to put a price on the world’s most famous statues — such as the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Little Mermaid in Denmark — the folks at 911 Metallurgist have given it a shot. Taking just the cost of the scrap metal into consideration, they’ve given a price tag to the steel, bronze, tin and copper creations that oftentimes define a city.

While the cheeky Mannequin Pis in Brussels is a real bargain at just $143, you’d need quite the bank account to afford India’s new Statue of Unity, which, with 6,173 tons of steel and 24,802 tons of bronze, clocks in at a whopping $192,750,825.

Of course, it goes without saying that most of these statues are priceless, but it’s fun looking at them through a metallurgist’s eyes and seeing what their raw value is. Which ones surprise you?

The Real Value of Statues Around the World

The Real Value of Statues Around the World, courtesy of 911metallurgist

By Earth911

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