ByLuria Petrucci

Oct 22, 2015

Fall is in the air and we’re heading toward that spooky time of year called Halloween. This is a great time to show your kids how much fun the first of the year-ending holidays can be while still recycling, reusing, and making some healthier choices. Here are five ways you can green your Halloween.

Halloween hasn’t always been about plastic store-bought costumes and sugar overload, and there’s no reason it has to be this year. We’ve got five ideas to help you make your holiday more green, less sugar-charged, and lots of fun!

Solar Path Lights

If you’re expecting trick or treaters after dark, you’ll want to make sure the path to your door is well-lit. This might be a great time to invest in a set of solar-powered LED path lights that will keep your walkway illuminated and safe year-round, while using absolutely no power except for what comes from the sun.

Homemade Costumes

Store bought costumes might be the easy route, but they can be expensive, short on creativity, and not that much fun. Join forces with your kids to create something totally original – a costume only they will have! A quick check around the web proves that some truly amazing costumes can result from a bit of cardboard, a bit of paint, and a bit of creativity!

And that same sort of thinking can be put to the kids’ candy bags. Rather than buying something new, consider what you have around the house, and how a little redecorating will make it an awesome Halloween treat bag.

Organic Goodies

Maybe you’d like to hand out treats that are still fun and tasty, but a bit better for the kids than the traditional candy bars from major manufacturers. Check out the organic and healthy options from companies like Yummy Earth and Trader Joe’s. With things like gummy bears and lollipops, made in a more healthy way, you’ll find choices that both you and the kids can feel good about.

Walk Rather Than Drive

If you normally chauffeur your kids around the neighborhood for trick or treating, consider walking instead. You’ll all get some exercise and some gas will remain unburned in your car. And you’ll have a better shot at seeing and admiring everyone else’s costumes, as well!

Party Rather Than Trick or Treat

In some parts of the country, the end of October can be a little chancy weather-wise for outdoor activities like trick or treating. If you want to avoid rainouts, while keeping your kids’ sugar intake to a manageable level, maybe the answer is a Halloween party for all their friends. You can prepare healthy homemade treats, play some cool games, and maybe even watch some spooky movies to cap off the evening.

Are you brewing up some special plans for a green Halloween? We’d love to hear what you’ve got planned. Leave a comment below!

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