A New Kind of Gift Registry Helps Reduce Consumption

One way to reduce waste this holiday season is to give less “stuff.” The SoKind gift registry can help with this. Photo: Shutterstock

One way to reduce waste this holiday season is to give less “stuff.” The SoKind gift registry can help with that. Photo: Shutterstock

If nothing in our holiday gift guide this week caught your eye and you’re tired of being on the giving and receiving end of a lot of unnecessary stuff, you may want consider the SoKind registry, a gift registry that allows users to make lists of experiences they’d like to have or handmade gifts they’d like to receive. You could set up a holiday gift list that reduces waste and ensures better gift-giving at the same time.

SoKind is a project of The Center for a New American Dream, an organization dedicated to reducing consumption in America, caring for the environment and promoting social justice. The registry is designed so users can set up want lists for events like weddings, baby showers or graduations. A student about to graduate could ask for something intangible like résumé and career advice, or for something to help them have an adventure like a National Parks pass. A couple planning to get married might ask for a personalized, handmade recipe book or even help photographing the event.

Users can ask for whatever they like, but SoKind suggests considering gifts of skill and time, gifts of experience, gifts of charity, or handmade and secondhand items. This way, rather than just being a list of impersonal gadgets or housewares, a registry can be more meaningful and tailored to what someone really wants.

SoKind functions like a typical registry, allowing for easy gift giving without any duplicate gifts. Registry makers send out an announcement once their list is ready, and guests can see on the website which items have already been given.

Even if a registry isn’t the sort of thing your family would use for the holidays, browsing the site might offer some unique gift ideas for the kind of things that just don’t fit in a box. Visit SoKind to learn more.

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