ByLisa Beres

Jul 19, 2019

A vacation may be all Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go’s ever wanted, but today’s travelers are opting for less go-go and more stay-stay in the form of staycations.

Staycations can occur in your hometown or at a nearby destination, typically lasting about four days, according to WalletHub. These short, local getaways are on the rise in the United States, especially during the summer months. In fact, Google data reveals that the search term “staycation” peaks yearly during the month of July.

Whether you’re booking a beach-side bungalow, a hipster hotel, or a quaint countryside Airbnb, traveling a short distance to your getaway has plenty of perks, including reduced stress and increased savings. Driving versus flying, for example, doesn’t just reduce your CO2 emissions. It also eliminates the hassles of potentially lost luggage, long TSA lines, airplane delays, and sardine-style-seating.

Many savvy-staycationers are choosing multiple mini-trips throughout the year in lieu of one long vacation, according to Regency Hotel Management. My husband, Ron, and I are no exception and have hopped aboard this eco-friendly and cost-effective travel trend.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

As a resident of Southern California, I’m fortunate to reside in a geographical area with idyllic year-round weather and a substantial variety of staycation destinations. While I’ve frequented the Temecula vineyards, sweeping coastlines, charming beachside towns, and majestic mountains, what my weary soul was seeking was something close that could offer natural beauty, relaxation, and a day of decompression. Nestled against the palm-tree lined mountains of Temescal Canyon, we found just that — a sanctuary to soothe even the weariest traveler’s soul.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs welcome gate
Photo: Glen Ivy Hot Springs

In true sustainable style, Ron and I and embarked on a short, 40-minute drive inland to enjoy a “daycation,” so we didn’t require overnight accommodations.

I had heard whispers of Glen Ivy Hot Springs from fellow Southern Californians but hadn’t yet ventured to this outdoor oasis. And after we exited the bustling freeway, winding roads and a vast mountain backdrop welcomed us to this secret hideaway in San Bernardino County.

Natural Surroundings

A self-proclaimed “hub for happiness and good health,” Glen Ivy Hot Springs was founded 159 years ago. It sits tucked away in Temescal Valley, California. Nestled in a maturely landscaped environment adjoining the Cleveland National Forest, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is surrounded by nature.

After many renovations and several owners, this 11-acre tranquil hideaway welcomes guests 16-years-old and older. You’ll need a map when you arrive to find your way around. And it’s best to preplan your visit to maximize the vast offerings.

spa visitors at the Lounge Pool
The Lounge Pool. Photo: Lisa Beres

While each visit will vary, with your general admission entrance fee, “Taking the Waters,” you’ll receive access to Glen Ivy’s lush gardens, ample lounge areas, and the healing waters of 19 pools.

These pools aren’t just a sight for dry, desert eyes; they include thermal mineral baths, hot and cold cycle pools, a relaxing lounge pool, a lap pool, and a saline pool. In addition, you can make your way to Club Mud or descend down an elevator to an underground grotto (for an additional fee). Guests can find comfort in the Roman baths where every need is met, including lockers, changing rooms, showers, toilets, hairdryers, saunas, and even swimsuit dryers.

Did you know? Glen Ivy valley was a seasonal home to Native American tribes. The believed the mineral water sources offered spiritual powers to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Visit

We started our day at the Secret Gardens for mindful meditation. Next, it was off to the Chill Zone where we nourished our tummies with fresh, green juice. Then, we decided to take the sulfur plunge into the mineral baths. After some heating and healing, we braved the hot and cold cycle pools — not for the faint of heart. Afterward, it was time for lunch. We dined outdoors in the Secret Garden Cabanas on fresh fruit and salad.

It was time for a visit to the spa for some renewal treatments. Ron went to the South Spa for a vibrational sound massage called Spa.Wave. I had a unique treatment in the Salon Boutique called the Quartz Massage where I was cocooned by warm quartz sand, soft music, and a neck and shoulder massage.

bird's eye view of woman receiving a shoulder massage
Photo: Glen Ivy Hot Springs

If you desire a spa treatment, you can enjoy a variety of services (for an additional fee). All of the treatments at Glen Ivy Hot Springs use Comfort Zone products. Comfort Zone is one of the most eco-friendly spa lines available, recognized as a “Best for the World” brand by B-Corp. From third eye activation, volcanic ash, and oncology treatments to hot stone and warm mud treatments, the spa has you, your mind, and your muscles covered.

Next, it was time for our Grotto treatment. For this, we descended underground to a secret cave-like setting. Donned in our swimsuits, we were painted with moisturizing green clay and proceeded to the steam room to allow the clay to soak in. Afterward, we showered and headed to the underground lounge to dry off while sipping tea and snacking on green apples.

Author Lisa Beres and her husband Ron shower off after their treatment
Author Lisa Beres and her husband Ron shower off after their Grotto treatment.

It was time to head back outside for a visit to Club Mud where we slathered ourselves with California red clay. This local clay exfoliates the skin while pulling out toxins and impurities. We lounged on chairs to allow the clay to harden in the sun, then rinsed off in the outdoor showers.

Club Mud, Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Club Mud. Photo: Glen Ivy Hot Springs
visitors in red clay pool at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Lisa and Ron slather on California red clay with other spa-cationers at Club Mud.

Glen Ivy Green Dining

After a stop at the Hydration Station to cool off, we were ready for an early dinner. The GOCO Café features coffee, fruit, and snacks. Or, you can enjoy a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine at Lounge 1860. We opted for full-service dining at the Ivy Kitchen, which offers fresh, locally sourced, and organic cuisine. They have orchards on the property that grow avocados, oranges, grapefruit, and other produce that’s served in the on-site restaurants in true farm-to-table style.

The Lounge 1860, outdoor bar at Glen Ivy Hot Springs
Glen Ivy Hot Springs’ outdoor bar, The Lounge 1860

Glen Ivy Hot Springs uses biodegradable cups at the hydration stations across the property and opts for wooden utensils instead of plastic. The property also has significantly reduced the use of straws.

Ah, Oh, Those Summer Nights

Photo: Lisa Beres

If you happen to staycation or daycation at Glen Ivy Hot Springs during summer, be sure to take advantage of their longer hours Thursday through Sunday. The venue stays open until 9:00 p.m. and offers Twilight admission that includes music, DJ night, lights, cocktails, arts, and entertainment. You can even enter for a reduced rate and cooler temperatures if you arrive at 4:00 p.m. on these days.

About 57 miles southeast of Hollywood, I can’t assure that you’ll have an eco-conscious celebrity sighting at Glen Ivy Hot Springs; however, I can assure you that this spa staycation will make you feel like one.

Have you had a great staycation experience you’d like to share?

Feature image courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs


By Lisa Beres

Lisa Beres is a healthy home authority, Baubiologist, published author, professional speaker and Telly award-winning media personality who teaches busy people how to eliminate toxins from their home with simple, step-by-step solutions to improve their health. With her husband, Ron, she is the co-founder of The Healthy Home Dream Team and the 30-day online program Change Your Home. Change Your Health. She is the author of the children’s book My Body My House and co-author of Just Green It!: Simple Swaps to Save Your Health and the Planet, Learn to Create a Healthy Home! Green Nest Creating Healthy Homes and The 9 to 5 Greened: 10 Steps to a Healthy Office. Lisa’s TV appearances include "The Rachael Ray Show," "Nightly News with Brian Williams," "TODAY," "The Doctors," "Fox & Friends," "Chelsea Lately" and "The Suzanne Somers Show."