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We’re all extremely busy today; whether you’re a parent, full-time student, stressed out entrepreneur or commuting employee. It can be challenging trying to keep up with grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning after a full day of work. Oh, and maintaining a healthy, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, green living lifestyle while your at it? Ha.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You walk the dog, feed yourself, the kids and pets, pack lunches, drop off kids, drive to work and maybe, just maybe, squeeze in the last fifteen minutes of a lunchtime Zumba class. Arriving home famished it hits you. You have nothing in the house but a half jar of expired salsa for dinner. There’s not even enough rumba left in your step to make it to the store.

Working more, cooking less

Woman cooking healthy balanced green living food
When done right, green living takes a little work. These home delivery services make things a little easier. Image Credit: eldar nurkovic / Shutterstock

Many people succumb to fast food in their woeful attempt to multi-task. But, while the price tag might be good on your wallet, it ain’t so good on your health. Chef Emeril, Rachel and Martha make it look sooo fun and easy, but if you’re like me, you’re cooking at home experience resembles a scene from Hell’s Kitchen and you’re doing more take-out and less cook-in. In fact, a recent survey by the Washington Post found that less than 60 percent of dinners served at home were actually cooked at home last year. Not so green living!

And, what about waste? Decomposing produce in your fridge, moldy grains and a ridonculous (that’s a word now right?) amount of paper and plastic trash can be overwhelming and expensive.

  • According to the United Nations, the financial cost of food waste is estimated at one trillion dollars a year and food waste is the largest contributor to landfill waste; making it an issue not only for bottom lines but also for the planet.
  • Did you know? Getting grocery delivered is greener than making trips to the store for food for your family. Over a year, you keep 28 pounds of C02 out of the air simply by skipping one weekly trip the grocery store.

While you may be bringing home the vegan bacon, you’re likely too tired to fry it up in a nontoxic pan. We all want to eat healthy, fresh, seasonal food all year round, but it’s not always easy. Sure, an in-home chef would be lovely, but I’ve got a better idea. There is a green living solution that’s making waves across the country and keeping people healthy, while saving both time and money. I’m referring to delivery services dropped off at your front door for every palate and in every form imaginable – fresh produce, pre-measured ingredients or completely prepared meals. Oh, and this concept isn’t just limited to meals, stock your entire home with supplies while you’re at it.

So what’s a green living enthusiast to do?  Well friend, today you’re in luck — and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Best of all, we’ve categorized them for you already.

15 green living home delivery services

Fresh & healthy groceries

Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics, green living home delivery service
Green living home delivery service Door to Door Organics partners with hundreds of local farmers and artisans to deliver fresh, organic produce, farm-fresh milk and dairy foods, humanely raised meats and chicken, sustainable fish and seafood and more local, natural foods right to your doorstep. Image Credit: Door to Door Organics (LinkedIn)

Door to Door Organics – Kick back and knock out your weekly shopping in minutes online. Door to Door Organics partners with hundreds of local farmers  and artisans to deliver fresh, organic produce, farm-fresh milk and dairy foods, humanely raised meats and chicken, sustainable fish and seafood and more local, natural foods right to your doorstep. They source organic and local foods whenever possible and their produce is USDA certified organic. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $75.00 Click HERE to see if they deliver to your area yet.

Fresh & healthy ‘pre-measured’ meals


Sun Basket – If you enjoy whisking and mixing, then this is a great option for you. Pre-measured meals means less waste. Sunbasket offers organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly to your home with gluten-free, Paleo & vegetarian options as well as sustainably sourced, seasonal ingredients from top West Coast farms as well as grass-fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats & sustainable seafood.  Sunbasket  currently offers free delivery to the following states – CA, WA, CO, UT,  OR,  AZ, NV, & ID. Plus, ingredients are shipped in an insulated box so they stay fresh. They even offer free return shipping to recycle materials for you. All this for $11.49 per meal! Choose three meals a week for two or four people.

Green Chef

Green Chef – Make wholesome, organic meals in just 30 minutes. They offer three organic, healthy and sustainable recipes each week. They send you fresh, pre-measured ingredients and simple recipes so you can create these dishes at home. They are certified organic by CCOF. From wild-caught salmon to GMO-free soybeans, their ingredients are fresh and sustainably sourced.  Ingredients have: no synthetic pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, no artificial ingredients and no growth hormones or antibiotics. They offer eco packaging and meals of vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, paleo and gluten-free. Starting at $10.40 per meal.

Blue Apron

Green living home delivery service Blue Apron
Green living delivered right to your doorstep. Image Credit: Blue Apron

Blue Apron – Blue Apron ingredients are perfectly pre-measured, so there’s no waste. Many (but not all) of Blue Apron’s ingredients are USDA certified organic, and they work closely with their suppliers to set quality standards for every ingredient. All seafood is sustainably sourced, and meat is raised without added hormones or sub­-therapeutic antibiotics.  They offer free delivery nationwide Tues-Fri. Ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box so food stays fresh even if you’re not home. They work with hundreds of family-run farms to support sustainability. They even personalize your menu based on your preferences (ie: vegetarian, pescatarian, etc.).

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh – A home food delivery service that focuses on delivering pre-measured, farm fresh, healthy food to your door on a weekly basis. The food comes with detailed recipes and cooking instructions so that nutritious meals are easily prepared by anyone. Hello Fresh is a great choice for anyone who enjoys cooking but doesn’t have the time for weekly food. Their Veggie Box is a feast for the senses; it includes farm fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to cook three delicious meals for 2 or 4 people.


Plated – Offers pre-portioned ingredients delivered to you each week. While not organic, they do offer three vegetarian meals each week. Their meat is from animals raised without antibiotics and the seafood is domestically and sustainably sourced.

Home Chef

Home Chef – They deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients straight to your kitchen. Delivery over the minimum order is free. Easy-to-follow recipes tell you everything you need, and most meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Ten weekly dinners are available including low-calorie an low-carb recipes.  Their world-class chefs suggest delicious recipes.


Freshrealm home delivery box green living made easy
Green living home delivery FreshRealm is unlike any other meal kit delivery service. Image Credit: Freshrealm (Instagram)

FreshRealm – (California only) Headquartered in Ventura, CA, FreshRealm is unlike any other meal kit delivery service. Customers order by recipe, with food delivered completely cut and portioned for cooking, minimizing tedious prep time. The food arrives in a groundbreaking, proprietary piece of technology called ‘The Vessel’.  This temperature controlled, reusable shipping container allows consumers to receive the freshest food with minimal packing waste. Once unpacked, The Vessel is returned to the doorstep and picked up for return by FedEx. It’s that easy.

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot carters to all the  busy vegans out there (yours truly). Each week you’ll receive a refrigerated box that contains all fresh, pre-measured ingredients with directions to create nutritious plant-based meals. Their delish recipes are created and tested by plant-based friends and renowned chefs all over the world. You’ll find surprises each week, including unique ingredients, health and environmental tips, according to the  only 100% plant-based vegan meal delivery service.

Farmbox Direct

Food delivery service Farmbox Direct delivers organic produce to your house, and was started by a young mom previously on food stamps who wanted to offer healthy, affordable food.  You can choose between three different size boxes (fruits, veggies or a combo) and how often you get a box delivered.  You also get to substitute up to five items in the box which is uncommon in most subscription services as well as add on additional items.  Customers are even able to go on the website and see what (local) farms your items are being sourced from. Call it produce tracking.

Fresh & healthy ‘prepared’ meals


22DaysNutrition – While I had a hard time finding 100% vegan meals, this one had me at 100% plant based! Created by (of all people), Beyonce and her personal trainer, the service offers three meal plans delivered to your door each week. A full three-meal for 22 days will cost you a total of $629.79, including shipping of $19.95. According to the website, all of the meals are non-gmo, non-dairy, gluten-free, soy-free and organic. They deliver on Fridays anywhere in the U.S.


Freshly home delivery service; green living
Freshly offers many meal choices like this Toasted Almond Chicken dish. Green living served with a side of greens. Image Credit: Freshly (Instagram).

Freshly – Freshly is a ready-made meal delivery company that is rapidly expanding across the country, addressing consumers’ desire for convenient and healthy meals. Select 6, 9, 12 or 21 delicious meals each week from a rotating menu. The freshly prepared meals arrive at your door in a refrigerated, 100% recyclable box. The meals are ready in 2 minutes. No shopping, cooking, or cleaning required. Food has no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Meals are always gluten free with low-glycemic carbohydrates and nutrient-rich veggies.


BistroMD – For those with health concerns, BistroMD might be the way to go. BistroMD offers a variety of different meal plans including Silver Cuisine which is specifically formulated for seniors as well as one for diabetics and gluten-free. Bistro MD is designed by a doctor and features delicious gourmet food with an average of 1,200 calories per day. Meal plans are available for 5 or 7 days and include all meals with the option to add snacks.

Personal care, food & home staples


Thrive – Thrive Market is the first socially conscious online store. For $59.95 a year, you can save on the world’s best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. They carry over 2,500 of the highest quality food, supplements, home, personal care, and beauty products from over 400 of the best brands on the market, all delivered straight to your door at 25-50% off retail prices. You get your first 30 days free and with each new membership, Thrive will sponsor a low-income family.


VitaCost – offers savings up to 50% off retail on the healthy products, including: vitamins, supplements, health foods, sports nutrition products, bath & beauty favorites, even home and pet products. Enjoy FREE shipping on orders over $49 within the contiguous U.S.! For other orders within the 48 states, shipping is just $4.99.

Feminine hygiene


Kali home delivery service - green living
With the rise of green living and social consciousness, alternatives like Kali, an organic and socially conscious tampon subscription box, are now available. Image Credit: Kali

Kali – Let’s not forget the $15 billion feminine hygiene products industry! Did you know the FDA does not require that feminine hygiene manufacturers reveal the ingredients in their products? With the rise of green living and social consciousness, alternatives like Kali, an organic and socially conscious tampon subscription box, are now available.

Women use, on average, 9,000 tampons in their life. Each tampon, if made with 100% cotton and takes about six months to biodegrade. Not to mention, 75% of cotton in the U.S. is potentially genetically modified.  Kali offers subscribers 100% certified organic & biodegradable tampons along with natural feminine essentials.  They donate $1 from every box sold to the Girl Up Campaign, which empowers adolescent girls in the hardest places across the globe to be a girl.  The box retails for $25 per month with free shipping. Each box contains fourteen Kali Tampons, 10 Kali Wipettes, and a rotating “Period Pampering Product” specially chosen for “Kali Girls” each month.

Eco-friendly mommy goods

Ecocentric Mom

Ecocentric Mom – A mommy-friendly subscription box that delivers 5-10 curated, non-toxic, eco-friendly products that range between beauty, skincare, home goods, baby goods, and healthy foods from a bevy of ethical & sustainable brands. Subscribers have the option to choose from the Pregnancy Box, the Mom Box, and the Mom & Baby Box. The founder, Casey Powers’, goal is to help educate mothers on the importance of living sustainably for themselves and their children’s well-being. Each box has a different theme each month and is available in an array of packages or individual box subscriptions.

Phew! That’s a lot of healthy products, a lot of convenience and a lot of green living! If you have a delivery service that you use, love or recommend, let me know in the comments below.

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By Lisa Beres

Lisa Beres is a healthy home authority, Baubiologist, published author, professional speaker and Telly award-winning media personality who teaches busy people how to eliminate toxins from their home with simple, step-by-step solutions to improve their health. With her husband, Ron, she is the co-founder of The Healthy Home Dream Team and the 30-day online program Change Your Home. Change Your Health. She is the author of the children’s book My Body My House and co-author of Just Green It!: Simple Swaps to Save Your Health and the Planet, Learn to Create a Healthy Home! Green Nest Creating Healthy Homes and The 9 to 5 Greened: 10 Steps to a Healthy Office. Lisa’s TV appearances include "The Rachael Ray Show," "Nightly News with Brian Williams," "TODAY," "The Doctors," "Fox & Friends," "Chelsea Lately" and "The Suzanne Somers Show."