The story of a sustainable world will unfold in many places and across many websites, social networks, and video channels. Jane Velez-Mitchell, a former Headline News/CNN reporter and anchor, launched UnchainedTV to provide a dedicated source of video storytelling about vegan living, the environment, and animal welfare. It offers free video programming through an app for iPhone and Android devices, as well as on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire Stick, and LG and Samsung smart TVs. The network covers stories about vegan cooking and living, animal rights, climate, and activist actions that seldom reach the air or get covered in mainstream media channels.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of UnchainedTV
Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of UnchainedTV, is our guest on Sustainability In Your Ear.

Jane says UnchainedTV will focus on solutions, documenting the benefits of vegan living, and discouraging cruel treatment and slaughter of animals. She launched the network saying, “I covered crime for decades. Climate change is the ultimate crime of the century as it could kill us all. Yet, obvious solutions are largely ignored by media, government, and corporations. It’s time to fill in that gap.” UnchainedTV has launched several series, including PEELED, a vegan cooking competition program, and Pig Little Lies, a series about the cruel practice of buying and dumping so-called teacup pigs. You can learn more about UnchainedTV at

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