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Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, May 20, 2019: Helmm’s Sustainable Antiperspirant For Men” on Spreaker.

Helmm co-founders Zach Groffksy and Taylor Lane discuss sustainable men’s care products. They recently launched a subscription antiperspirant/deodorant subscription service for a luxury refillable holder. The elegant Helmm deodorant container is made with recyclable metal and fine leather. With four fragrances available today, Helmm lets customers schedule how frequently their refills arrive. Each refill cuts 60 percent of the plastic used for traditional deodorant containers, and the refill containers are recyclable HDPE plastic.

Helmm's starter kit
Helmm’s starter kit includes a metal-and-leather holder with one antiperspirant/deodorant stick made with natural ingredients.

Groffsky and Lane talk with Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe about the basic requirements customers expect in a modern product, starting with basic environmental responsibility. The company has new products planned that will introduce sustainable practices for other men’s care categories.

By Earth911

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