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Companies face growing demands from consumers, government, and NGOs to reduce their carbon footprint, decrease their overall environmental impact, and to provide just work conditions., an innovative sourcing advisory firm that pioneered data services based on renewable energy, has launched a scoring system to track the impacts at every step in a company’s supply chain: Syzygy Sourcing Impact.

As Ramprate explains it, the world is in the midst of a statistical revolution that will help to optimize human productivity to live prosperously within the planet’s carrying capacity. The Ramprate team partnered with and others to examine the financial, environmental, and social responsibility performance of more than 1,300 companies to develop the Syzygy system.

We talk with founder and CEO Tony Greenberg and chief strategy officer Alex Veytsel about how Ramprate evolved from helping its clients reduce telecommunication costs to tackling climate impacts from energy use, transportation, and every other facet of corporate sustainability. It’s a high-concept conversation that you’ll come away from with ideas to help your business become more sustainable. Consumers should listen, too, because Syzygy and other scoring systems will eventually inform how products are labeled to convey environmental impacts, safety, and social responsibility.

By Earth911

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