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Earth911 talks with Jennifer Maynard, CEO and cofounder of Nutrition For Longevity, a healthy and environmentally friendly meal plan subscription service for vegan and pescatarian eaters. Most of the food is grown using regenerative farming techniques in New Jersey. Jennifer contributed an article to Earth911 last week, Zombie Soil: The Harmful Result of Industrial Farming, and we began with a conversation about the environmental impact of industrial farming. Take a few minutes to learn the difference between soil, which helps produce nutritious food, and dirt illustrate the urgency of making a switch away from using chemical fertilizers to wring crop volume out of the land.

Jennifer Maynard, CEO and cofounder of Nutrition For Longevity.
Jennifer Maynard, CEO and cofounder of Nutrition For Longevity.

Nutrition For Longevity’s prepared meals feature completely vegan and fish-protein options based on the Longevity Diet developed by Dr. Valter Longo. His research into the food that helps the longest-lived people stay healthy has shaped Maynard’s meal plan, which is designed by a Michelin starred chef.

In addition to low- and no-till farming, Nutrition For Longevity uses aquaponics to grow its greens year-round. Maynard’s company is also working to reduce single-use waste in its meal deliveries, using bio-based packaging that can be recycled or composted after you eat.

You can save $40 on each of your first two orders when you try out the Nutrition For Longevity service. Enter the code EARTH40 when you check out.

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