Earthling Survey: Do You Research Product Impact Before Purchasing? Quick Survey

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Express your opinion and help drive environmental change. Every week, Earth911 asks readers questions that can change the environmental perspective of the community and companies that want to know your expectations about sustainability practices, product design and recyclability, and much more.

Thanks to those of you who responded to last week’s survey, Why Do You Recycle?. Here’s how readers responded:

  • I’m responsible for my family’s well-being: 0 percent
  • I want to improve my own life: 0 percent
  • I’ve personally experienced nature’s response to human activity: 25 percent
  • It’s our planet, stupid: 75 percent

We’ll report the results of this week’s survey next week, so come back to learn what the community thinks about this week’s question and to answer another question. If you’d like to discuss these results or other thoughts about sustainability with the community, start a conversation in the Earthling Forum.

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