You may recycle cardboard and plastic, but what else is in your trash that you can recycle? Ever thought about those batteries you toss out?

Turns out, it’s more dangerous than most of us knew to just throw out our batteries!

This video is brought to you by Call2Recycle. Recharging the Planet. Recycling Your Batteries. 


There are about 3 billion batteries purchased per year in the US alone. Take that worldwide, and you’re looking at about 10 billion. That’s 250 million pounds of batteries in the US that wind up in landfills!

That means we have mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel leaking into the ground water. Burning them can lead to serious respiratory issues.

But we have a couple options for taking #SmallSteps to help!

  • Instead of throwing out old batteries, find a local recycler. We use Call2Recycle. They have a tool where you can find one close to you. Just gather them up each month, and make one trip.
  • Get rechargeable batteries, and re-use them!

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By Luria Petrucci

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