ByLuria Petrucci

Jun 25, 2015

If you’ve ever wanted (or tried and failed at) gardening, don’t worry… you’re not alone! Turns out, you don’t have to have a huge backyard garden in order to get great tasting food or have a healthy garden!

Whether you live in an apartment and don’t have the space to plant, or your soil isn’t good for gardening, or hey… you just need to start small, here are some great options for getting started!

Kimberly Button recently pointed out that countertop gardens can be even better for the environment, since they:

  • are self sufficient and they leave no room for waste!
  • use less water
  • lessen the need for more pesticides
  • grow faster in small spaces, giving you more produce!

Try these kits to get started!

    • Mushroom Kit
    • Aquaponic Water Garden
    • Indoor Grow Lights

Thanks to Grow World in Portland, Oregon for allowing us to shoot in their store!

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