Natural Alternative to Plastic Wrap Creates a Buzz

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As a stay-at-home mother of three living on a farm in Vermont, Sarah Kaeck had two things on her mind: keeping her children safe in an increasingly toxic environment, and finding a way to bring in a little extra income. With one product, she has managed to do both.

Kaeck is the founder of Bee’s Wrap, a safe and reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Experimenting with pieces of muslin, old flour sacks, scraps of trimmings, lace and yarn, Kaeck found that by coating her creations in beeswax, they could become functional alternatives to plastic containers or plastic wrap for food storage. She says that combining fabric infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin gives the material antibacterial properties that not only keep food fresh but allow it to be used multiple times.

After finding success with it in her own home, Kaeck realized that she might have a great idea on her hands. The food-storage product is easy to clean and reuse — all it requires is being washed in cool water with mild dish soap. It can then be air-dried and folded for storage. Although it is not recommended for use with meat, it can be used to seal food in a bowl or wrapped around cheese, vegetables, bread and baked goods. In other words, it can virtually replace that plastic wrap or aluminum foil that you’ve been using to keep food fresh.

Now, Kaeck and a small group of women have created an industry out of making Bee’s Wrap, which is sold online and in stores in about a dozen states as well as in Canada, Mexico and Sweden. The wrap comes in various sizes and is also available in a “variety pack” that features an assortment of sizes.

Home page photo: Bee’s Wrap

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  1. This is so cool Sarah! Glad to see you are coming up with ways to keep the toxins out of your home. Keep in mind it’s just as important what you use in your environment as what you put in your body. Best of luck with the organic wrap and we’ll provide the organic cleaners! Let’s work together to make them both our bodies and environment as chemical and toxin free as possible and stem the tide of out of control chemicals and toxins.

  2. This sounds great. Do you know if the process of producing Beeswax is ethical/fair to the bees? I have tried to find information on this, but it’s difficult to find.

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